Adult Summer Reading

For Those Ages 18 and Older

June 4th through July 27th

Build a Better World

Rock Out at the Library this summer by exploring five different aspects of music. Each time you complete an “Album Track” (by reading 600 pages of your choice), bring your Studio Session Log into the library for a small reward. (If you’re playing online, just bring yourself!) You can earn extra page points by completing “Bonus Tracks.” Each activity may be used only once.

In addition, if you successfully complete your album by Friday, July 27th, you’ll be entered into our final drawings and receive five $1 coupons to use toward any unfortunate fine incidents that may occur.

Readers may only participate in the summer reading program once.

Tired of losing your reading log?

Play online this year instead!

Click HERE to go to our online program for adults!
(Remember, you can only play once, either online or with a traditional paper reading log.)

Adult Events

July 2018

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • Summer Reading
  • Summer Reading
  • Summer Reading
  • Summer Reading
  • Closed for Independence Day
  • Summer Reading
  • Summer Reading
  • Summer Reading
  • Summer Reading
  • Summer Reading
  • Summer Reading
  • Summer Reading
  • Madison Library Foundation Meeting
  • Summer Reading
  • Jam Session: Emphasis on Percussion at 8:45
  • Summer Reading
  • Sing Along Musical: The Phantom of the Opera
  • Star Party
  • Summer Reading
  • Summer Reading
  • Summer Reading
  • Summer Reading
  • Summer Reading
  • Library Board Meeting
  • Summer Reading
  • Library Book Club
  • Summer Reading
  • The Great American Read Book Club
  • LAST DAY to sign up for Summer Reading!
  • Summer Reading - NO SIGN-UPS
  • Summer Reading - NO SIGN-UPS
  • Summer Reading - NO SIGN-UPS
  • Summer Reading - NO SIGN-UPS
  • Summer Reading - NO SIGN-UPS
  • Summer Reading - NO SIGN-UPS
  • Adult Summer Reading Party - By Invitation


Songs of Nature

50     Take a hike in the woods paying special attention to the sounds around you.
50     Learn to recognize 5 new bird calls.
50     Listen to a CD or album containing a piece inspired by nature such as The Lark Quartet, The Blue Danube Waltz, The Moldau, etc.
100   Read a book about birds.
100   Read a book about another form of nature or a naturalist.

Styles and Stars

50     Learn about a regional music icon in Africa or Asia and listen to a recording of them.
50     Learn about a regional music icon in South America or Europe and listen to a recording of them.
50     Learn about a music icon in North American folk, bluegrass, or blues and listen to a recording of them.
50     Attend a star party.  You may add another 50 points if you do it at the library.
100   Read a book about a style of music.
100   Read a biography of a musician or composer. You may count this twice IF the people are from very different genres such as classical/rock, bluegrass/bosnova, etc.

Music in Motion

50     Attend a dance concert.
50    Take a dance lesson.
50     Put on a recording of an unfamiliar style of music and dance to it.
50     Listen to music while you exercise.
50     Listen to music while you do your household chores.
50     Watch an hour of foreign music videos and dance to at least half of them. You may add another 50 points if you do it at the library.
100   Read a book about some form of dance.

Muses and Tools

50     Learn to read music OR if you already do, learn to transpose, or add a dozen new terms to your musical vocabulary.
50     Take a music lesson of some kind.
50     Research a favorite musician, lyricist, or composer and learn what inspired them to create.
50     Have a long, in depth conversation with someone who inspires you.
100   Read a book on music theory or history.
100   Read a biography about someone who inspires you.

Make Some Noise

50     Create a song or piece of music and share it.
50     Add a lullaby to your bedtime story for a week.
50     While listening to an album, use it as the inspiration for a drawing, painting, or sculpture.
50     Participate in some type of jam session. You may add another 50 points if you do it at the library.
50     Sing along to a musical. You may add another 50 points if you do it at the library.
100   Read a book about the creative process.

Although the projects are roughly arranged according to album tracks, they can be completed at any time.

Any musician able to complete all album tracks before July 13th may contact Cathy or Bekka about “going on tour.”

Join us for activities throughout the summer!

Friday, June 15 at 6:30 pm: SING-ALONG Musical!
Enjoy a great film, raise your voice in song, and get a few extra adult summer reading points. You don’t need to be an adult to attend as long as you’re ready to belt out some tunes!
We’ll be watching a classic musical tale that doesn’t take place on the East Side of New York.
Friday, June 15 at 8:30 pm - International Music Videos

After you’ve sung your heart out, stick around and dance till you drop to amazing music from Africa, Asia, South America, Europe. Can’t get your feet working? It’s OK to just watch.

Thursday, June 28 at 8:00 pm - Jam Session: Ukes and Guitars are Stars!

Bring your ukulele, bring your guitar, strum, chat, and relax. There’s no set structure here, no planned tunes, no stress, just a low-key musical gathering. Hang out, strum, pick, and get a few extra points for adult summer reading. You don’t have to be an adult to participate. Anyone who’s ready for musical fun is welcome. Other instruments are also welcome.

Thursday, June 28 at 9:30 pm - Star Party with Madison Library District's New Telescope

…Or maybe Moon Party is a more appropriate term as the moon will be full and glowing obscurely those other lesser night lights. Come take a peak through Madison Library’s brand new telescope at the craters and plains of our closest celestial neighbor (Thank You Madison Library Foundation!).

If you have a telescope, please bring it to share. The more the merrier is decidedly the rule for any star party!


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