Book, Activity and Learning Kits

for all ages

Discovery Kits

Discovery kits contain books, and may also contain games, DVDs, stuffed animals, puppets, puzzles and other activities all based around a specific theme.  We have five different levels of discovery kits, each geared towards a specific age group:

  • Level I = Earliest lap sit readers
  • Level II = Ages 2 through 5
  • Level III = Ages 6 through 8
  • Level IV = 9 and older
  • Level V = all ages + teacher / parent resources

Parental supervision is strongly suggested for all kits.  These check out for a week at a time, and are located by the children’s nonfiction books.

A complete list of our Discovery Kits is available at the library; a brochure is located on top of the Discovery Kits shelves.  Also, a subject search for “Discovery Kits” in our catalog will bring up both the complete list as well as a list divided by age levels.

Young Adult Collection

Discovery Kits come in white and green canvas bags.

Speedy Reader Kits

Speedy Reader Kits come in white and blue canvas bags.

Designed for those who don’t like to wait for that next book in the series, Speedy Reader Kits allow a person to check an entire series out at once.

Find these by doing a subject search in our catalog for “Speedy Reader Kits.

Book Club Kits

Designed to help book club groups find enough books to go around, Book Club Kits include 8-10 copies of the same title, along with several supplemental items to use for the discussion. The discussion leader checks the kit out and is responsible for its contents.

Search our catalog under the subject “Book Club Kits” to find a full list of available kits.

Junior Collection

Book Club Kits come in white and maroon canvas bags.

Adult Exploration Kits


Adult Exploration Kits come in red and white, and yellow and white canvas bags.

Most people are familiar with the children’s discovery kits that contain books, games, tools, etc. for youngsters to explore a given topic. There are now similar kits for adults on such subjects as Jane Austen, Ukuleles, Beaches, Birds, the Middle Ages, etc. These are located in the non-fiction area on the shelves between the study carols and tables.

A full list of these new kits can be found in our catalog by searching “Adult Exploration Kits.”

Maker Kits


Knitting Needles

We have knitting needles available for three week checkout, just enough time to make that sweater – well, maybe a scarf set – but you can renew until the sweater is completed. Knitting needles range from size 1 to  size 13.

Each knitting needle set we have in our collection has a corresponding laminated card. These are located by the copy machine. Find the correct card for the needle set you’d like, and take this to the checkout clerk. The clerk will get the knitting needles for you.

A full listing of our available knitting needles can be found in our catalog under the subject search “Knitting needles.”

Crochet Hooks

Crochet hooks are available for three week checkout, which matches how long you can take out the crochet pattern book.  These may be renewed as long as another patron doesn’t have a request in for the same hook. Crochet hooks run from A to Q.

We have laminated cards for each crochet hook in our collection. To check out a hook, simply find the corresponding laminated card in the box by the copy machine.  Take this to the checkout clerk, and we’ll get your hook for you.

A complete list of our available crochet hooks can be found by doing a subject search in our catalog for “Crochet hooks.”

Scrapbooking Supplies

We have over 300 scrapbooking kits available — everything from stamps, decorative scissors and fancy punches are available to help you complete your project.  We have a large black binder which illustrates every stamp, scissor and punch in the collection.  This binder is located by the copy machine.

To check out a kit, simply find the corresponding laminated card in the box by the black binder.  Take this to the checkout clerk, and we’ll get your kit for you.  Scrapbook kits check out for a week, and may be renewed if someone else isn’t waiting for it.

To find a complete list of our scrapbook kits in the catalog, do a subject search for “Scrapbook kits.”

Adult Fiction

Maker Kits come in a variety of containers.

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