Summer STEM – Coded Messages

Summer STEM – Coded Messages

Coded Messages

Week 2 of Summer STEM from Your Library

Encode hidden messages with a crayon and water color paint!

  • Use the white crayon to write out your message on a blank piece of paper.
  • To reveal your message, paint over it with watercolors.

Pro tip: Encode your message before writing it in white to add another layer. Try a Caesar Cipher.

Summer STEM for Kids and Tweens

Summer STEM for Kids and Tweens

Summer STEM for Kids and Tweens

This summer, we’ll be doing video crafting focusing on STEM activities. Our Kids’ Corner and Tween Scene web pages will have links to videos with the instructions and demonstrations for each craft activity.

You can come by and pick up a Grab-n-Go craft bag with all supplies needed for the activity. These bags will be available on the first Monday of each week. We only have a limited number of these, so once they’re gone, they’re gone! We’ve included the lists of supplies for each craft in case you don’t get one of the Grab-n-Go bags. That way, you may use your own supplies and follow along with our videos.

Themes and Crafts for June:

  • June 16  Dragons- Charm the Dragon (Dragon Snake Charmer)
    • tissue paper
    • ball-point pen
    • wool
    • aluminum foil sheet
  • June 22  Royalty- Communicate with the princess in the Tower (Secret Codes)
    • white crayon
    • water color paint
  • June 29  Jack and the Beanstalk- Need a way down (Ziploc bag parachute)
    • ziploc bag
    • yarn or string
    • knight toy
    • big straw

Themes and Crafts for July:

  • July 6  Three Little Pigs- Scare the wolf (film canister rocket)
    • plastic film canister
    • antacid tablet
  • July 13  Goldilocks- Who dunnit? (DIY DNA)
    • licorice twists
    • 4 colors of jellybeans
    • a handful of toothpicks
  • July 20  Cave of Wonders- Wishes in the lights (bubble lamp in a bag)
    • Ziploc bag
    • antacid tablet
    • water
    • oil
    • UV light
    • highlighter
    • paper towel

Summer STEM – Charm the Dragon

Summer STEM – Charm the Dragon

Charm the Dragon

Week 1 of Summer STEM from Your Library

Experiment with static electricity and charm a tissue paper dragon!

  • Place your tissue paper over your dragon template. Trace the lines and cut out your dragon.

  • Place your dragon on the sheet of tin foil. Bend the head slightly towards you.

  • Rub your pen against the wool for at LEAST a minute.

  • Hold the pen near the head of your dragon and wave it. The head will rise to meet the pen.

  • Experiment with other ways you can build a static charge. Will a balloon work better?

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