Fine and Fee Schedule


Fine and Fee Schedule

Fines and fees provide incentives for patrons to return materials and are used to replace lost or damaged items so that they are again available to all patrons.

Late fees:

Late Fees will be charged only for days that the Library is open. A late fee of 20¢ (cents) per item per day will be assessed for past-due materials that check out for 3 weeks. A late fee of $1.00 per item per day will be assessed for past-due materials that check out for 1 week and interlibrary loans. The maximum late fee is $5.00 per item. Unpaid late fees amounting to $5.00 and above will block all borrowing privileges until the account is settled.

3 week materials (Checkout Period is three weeks) = $.20 / day
Books, CDs, Books on CD, PlayAways, Magazines, Compact Discs, CD-ROMs, and Books-on-CD

1 week materials (Checkout Period is one week) = $1.00/day
DVDs, Blu-Ray, Idaho Collection, Backpacks, Discovery Kits, Crochet Hooks, Scrapbook Kits, Holiday

Speedy Reader Kits, Adult Exploration Kits (3 week checkout) = $1.00/day

Book Club Kits (6 week checkout) = $1.00/day

Interlibrary Loan Items (checkout length varies) = $1.00/day

Replacement Fees:

Lost or Damaged Items = Price listed in item record.

Lost or Damaged Interlibrary Loan Items = Price/Fees are at the discretion of lending library

Due Date Notification Schedule

1st Notice – at time of checkout

2nd Notice – automated phone call

3rd Notice – letter emailed or snail mailed

Patron May Be Sent to Collections – if balance is over $25.00 and more than 60 days overdue

Miscellaneous Fees/Charges

Copy Machine / Computer Copies – $.10 per page

Damaged Barcode – $1.00

Damaged Book Jacket – $3.00

DVD Case – $ 3.00

Audio Book Case – $ 10.00

Missing/Damaged RFID Tag – $ 1.00

Missing/Damaged Pieces from Backpack/Story Kit/Discovery Kit – Cost of Item

Replacement Library Card (lost or stolen) – $ 2.00 (plus tax)

Non-resident Library Card:

$60.00 (includes tax)/year
$32.00 (includes tax)/six months
$18.00 (includes tax)/three months

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