Staff Picks

See what books the library staff particularly recommend. Our tastes are all a little different, and we’re always falling in love with new titles.

“Frostblood” by Elly Blake

Ruby has spent her life hiding in the outskirts, trying to keep people from getting too close and discovering her secret - she is one of the few remaining Firebloods and one the king would pay to have hunted down. When soldiers come to her small village, she feels...

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“Hunted” by Megan Spooner

Beauty is the youngest daughter of a wealthy hunter turned merchant. When their family luck changes they are forced to relocate to their old hunting cottage, where her father spends his days hunting to support his girls. After he disappears, Beauty, trained from a...

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“Gilded Cage” by Vic James

In this alternate reality world, Luke and his family are part of the commoners, or those who do not have special mind control powers. Those who have the powers are called Equals, and they rule the land as members of a powerful aristocracy. All commoners are required...

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“Savvy” by Ingrid Law

Everyone in Mibs’ family has a special talent, known as their savvy, that they receive on their thirteenth birthday. Her mother does everything perfectly, even when it’s a mistake. Her grandmother could catch music in a jar. Her grandfather causes the ground to move....

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“The Black Prism” by Brent Weeks

I am an avid fantasy reader, having read books by JRR Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks, Margaret Weis, and Terry Hickman. The Black Prism series is a must read for all fantasy lovers. The book is set in a world where being able to see color is...

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