Tween Book Collections

for kids aged 9 to 11

Our newest collection gathers books for Tweens in one place – on the south wall of the Junior section.

Tween Fiction

Spine labels with “TW” on them indicate Tween Fiction. They are found on the south wall of the children’s wing, beginning just past the copy machine and ending at the children’s service desk.  The target age group for these novels is ten through fourteen in terms of content.  Most are over 200 pages in length and at a fifth and sixth grade reading level.  Most are shelved in order by the author’s last name.  If a series has been written by multiple authors they are shelved by series title.  Examples are “Dear America”, the “Infinity Ring” books, “My America”, “Spirit Animals”, “Thirty-nine Clues”, and “Trixie Beldon”.  Accelerated Reader information about books we own (reading level, point level, and test number) can be looked up by the person at the Children’s Service Desk.

Tween Graphic Novels

The Tween Graphic books (spine labels say “TWG”) are found on the wall just before the Community Room inside entrance on the TOP SHELF.  Look for the yellow sign which hangs over them (and says JG, as this is a brand new collection here).

Tween Audio Books

The spine labels saying “TWAUDCD” are for Tween Audio books on CD. These are found on the north wall just opposite the Circulation (Check-out) Desk.  Look for the gray sign hanging over them  and are on the far right on the top three rows. These are recorded readings of some of the books found in the Tween fiction collection.

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