Summer Reading

Ages 9 to 11
JUNE 8 through AUGUST 1
  • Readers have 8 weeks (June 8 – August 1) to read 20 minutes a day/ 5 days each week. There are three reading destinations this year, one every two weeks  (200 minutes per challenge).
  • Any reading done before June 8th DOES NOT COUNT towards summer reading challenges
  • You must have your initialed paper log OR have logged your reading online.
  • You must choose either paper or online for the duration of the program, you cannot go back and forth.
  • You may use Junior Fiction (JF), Junior Graphic Novels (JG), Tween Fiction (TW), Tween Graphic Novels (TWG), or magazines.
  • Digital books and audios are also allowed. Tumble Books and Overdrive are available for free at
  • Each HEROIC Reading Goal has additional activities or challenges you can choose to do in place of TWO 15-minute reading sessions; each one may be used only once per challenge. For example, you may count “Write your own fairy tale” only once per challenge.  Make sure you log 20 minutes of reading under the “BOOKS” tab for each additional activity completed! For the “book title” just put in the name of the challenge completed.
Program may not be repeated!  Only 1 set of prizes per person per summer.
will be given after Saturday, AUGUST 1, 2020.


Summer Reading 2020

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