Book Babies: Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs!

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Today in Book Babies/ Toddler Time, we read all about bugs! The fun thing about bugs is that they come a a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Talk about their differences and similarities with your child as you explore the incredible world of insects.

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Ages 2-5

Welcome Songs

Here We Are Together

Here we are together, together, together! Oh, here we are together in our library. There’s (sing names)… Here we are together in our library!

Hello Everybody

Hello everybody let’s clap our hands*, clap our hands, clap our hands. Hello everybody let’s clap our hands today! *pat our head, stretch up high, wiggle our fingers, tickle our knees, kick our feet, bounce up high!

S, T, R, W, P

(Sing while pointing to each finger on your child’s hand.) Sing, talk, read, write, play! Sing, talk, read write, play! Sing, talk, read, write, play! Sing, talk, read, write, play each day!

Sing, Talk, Read, Write, Play


Something as simple as playing with blocks, even if your baby is putting them in his mouth, is the beginning of mathematical and scientific thinking. Through play, your child is discovering shapes, learning how blocks can be balanced, observing how they fall, and discovering what fits together. It’s hard to believe, but all of these explorations are the foundation for later mathematical and scientific thinking.

- Lambert


When playing with blocks, talk about the shapes and encourage your child to explore and see what they can do with them such as stacking, tumbling over, sorting, lining up, or even hiding them.

Books Presented

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! by Bob Barner

A nonsense rhyme introduces children to familiar bugs. Includes a fun facts section.

Busy Little Bee by Salina Yoon

A bunch of busy little bees go buzzing about their day! Little ones will love this sturdy book with handles for easy reading and carrying on the go!

More Bugs in Boxes by David A. Carter

What kind of bugs are in the yard-long yellow box? A bunch of bouncing brown basketball bugs, of course. Learning one’s colors was never more fun than in this ingeniously illustrated and engineered pop-up book.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Follows the progress of a very hungry caterpillar as he eats his way through a varied and very large quantity of food, until, full at last, he forms a coccoon around himself and goes to sleep.

Songs, Rhymes, and Fingerplays

Fingerplay and Bounce: The Pretty Butterflies

The pretty butterflies fly up and down, up and down, up and down,
The pretty butterflies fly up and down, all through the day!
(flap arms like wings)

2) The spiders in the tree all spin a web… (roll arms)
3) The crickets in the field hop up and down… (bounce baby)
4) The bees in the hive go buzz, buzz, buzz… (fly with arms out)

Fingerplay: Here is the Beehive, Where are the Bees?

Here is the beehive, where are the bees?
Hidden away were nobody sees
Watch and you will see them come out of their hives,
One, two, three, four, five,
Buzz, buzz, buzz.


Insects on Me

To the tune “The Farmer in the Dell”
A fly is on my face
A fly is on my face
Heigh-ho just watch me go
A fly is on my face.
Other verses:
A gnat is on my nose,
A hornet is on my head
A bee is on my back

Fingerplay/Action Rhyme: Caterpillar Creeping

(Do actions as rhyme indicates.)
Caterpillar creeping, Caterpillar crawl.
Caterpillar climbing all along the wall.

Caterpillar spinning,
Caterpillar snug.
Caterpillar changing,
What have you become?

– Beverly Qualbeim, 1001 Rhymes and Fingerplays by Totline Books

Additional Books

Yoga Bug: Simple Poses for Little Ones by Sarah Jane Hinder

Bringing “the fun and benefits of authentic yoga practice to infants and toddlers, Yoga Bug guides children through ten authentic yoga poses named after insects that unfold in an irresistibly whimsical flow of play, imagination, and movement.

Bugs by Dawn Sirett

Invites young readers to move their fingers along trails on each page of the book to discover facts about four different insects.

Buzz, Buzz, Baby! by Karen Katz

Young readers are invited to lift flaps to reveal such insects as ladybugs, caterpillars, ants, and bees.

Incredible Insects: A Counting Book by Storyweaver

Can you count all these pretty insects?

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