Silly Sidewalk Obstacle Course

Come see our sidewalk obstacle course outside the library from September 19 – October 3.

Kid and Tween STEAM: STEAM Magic

Combine science and magic in these four simple STEAM activities! Things you will need include: pen or pencil scissors two cups about 30 coins or glass stones of at least two different colors (with at least one penny) a sheet of paper an index card  

Book Babies: Walking, Walking

Learning to walk can be both fun and frustrating for your little one, but there are things you can do to encourage him. Try wrapping a scarf or blanket around your baby's chest and under his arms, then stabilize him with the blankets as he learns to balance himself...

Story Time: Fabulous Feet!

Have you and your child looked closely at feet lately? Feet are fabulous! And they are used for so many different things in the animal and creature kingdom! Check out some of these books to find out how.Join us live Tuesdays at 10:30 AM  - Online on Facebook Ages 2-5...

Upcoming March Teen Craft: Keyring Dream Catcher

Our first teen craft take n' go kit for March will be keyring dream catchers, available starting Thursday, March 4th.

Teen Craft: Duct Tape Pens

Learn to make duct tape flower pens! You will need the following supplies: exacto knife (preferred) or scissors ruler cutting board (or use the metal plates we handed out) at least two colors of duct tape pen

Book Babies: I Love You!

"Children love books that reaffirm your love for them. Especially as they grow older and learn to deal with their emotions, it’s important for them to know that you love them, no matter how much they may sometimes misbehave." - yogibrarian.wordpress.comJoin us live...

March Mother Daughter Book Club

Hello Mother Daughter Book Club friends! Welcome to our American Girls discussion page. For our March 4, 2021 meeting, we will highlight our library's incredible collection of American Girl books, and you can help us! Here's what you need to do: 1. Check out an...

Story Time: Friends!

Making friends is easy for some children and more difficult for others, but when you show your child "how" to be a friend, it makes the task seem easier. As you do so, don't forget to point out that not every one will be kind in return, but to be patient. Below you...

Book Babies: Let’s Get Dressed!

Getting dressed is a great opportunity to practice singing, talking, and playing with you child, and you do it every day! It doesn't take a lot of time to add a song, match a shoe, and talk about why we wear clothes. It's also a great way to "see" how your child is...

On the Same Page: Regency Dance Lesson

Regency Dance Lesson Friday, February 26, Via YouTube Join us to learn steps to some basic dances of the time period. It will be helpful to have a small group working together. Four would be ideal, but we know you can figure things out with fewer if necessary. We will...


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