Silly Sidewalk Obstacle Course

Come see our sidewalk obstacle course outside the library from September 19 – October 3.

Kid and Tween STEAM – Infinity Cubes

Kid and Tween STEAM Infinity CubeMake simple holographic screen projectors using transparency film and a phone, tablet, or laptop. Things you will need include: eight one-inch wooden cubes (can also use cubes made from paper) tape scissors

Book Babies – Birthday Box

Book Babies Birthday BoxIt's baby's birthday and he got a great toy... in a huge box. Wait! Don't put that box in the recycling bin just yet. That box can be your baby's favorite toy, and it's the only toy that will "grow" with him. Look below for fun box-themed ideas...

Story Time – Boxes

Story Time Boxes What's inside your magic box? Today in preschool story time we learned that "box" starts with the letter "B." Did you know that in 2006, the cardboard box was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame? That's because, when you use your imagination, a box can...

Teen Coding Craft

Teen  Coding GamePlay this coding game by following the video below! You will need the following supplies: Labeled checker board Small game character Card commands Plastic tokens Aluminum foil PDF of instructions and challenges A big thank you to Binary Cocoa for...

Teen Yarn Craft

Teen  Yarn CraftsMake these two string crafts by following the video below! You will need the following supplies. Craft one: yarn scissors popsicle sticks craft tube blue tape keychain rings Craft two:  embroidery floss small piece of cardboard scissors More Teen...

Upcoming September 2020 Bibliomaniacs

September 2020 Madison BiblioManiacs Join us Monday, September 28, 4 PM via Zoom and talk about the books you're reading. Email Gina at for an invite.

September Adult Makers

September Adult Makers Market Bags Join us by watching the video below to make your market bag!

September Teen Dungeons and Dragons

September  Teen Dungeons and Dragons Teen Dungeons and Dragons on Wednesday, Sept 23 at 4pm! In this classic role-playing game, you create your character, choose how they interact with the story, and use dice to decide the outcomes of your actions. This event is open...

September Book Bingo

September Book Bingo Crayons It's book bingo! We have bingo pages available at the library. This month's theme is "Crayons." Read enough books that fit the challenges on the bingo paper to get a bingo, bring in your completed card, and get a prize. There is a bingo...

Book Babies – Boats in the Bath

Book Babies Boats in the BathBabies love bathtime, and boats make it so much more fun! You don't need a storebought toy, a simple bowl will work. Help baby fill it with different items and watch it sink to the bottom. You can also increase their sensory experience by...


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