Parachute Knight

Week 3 of Summer STEM from Your Library
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Experiment with air resistance by making parachutes!

You will need string, a straw, a sandwich bag and/or coffee filter, and a toy figure. 

  1. Pull one of the strings through the straw. Cut off the zipper portion of the bag.
  2. Reach into the bag and pull both bottom corners in so they’re inside the bag.
  3. Tie an end of the string to each bottom corner of the bag.
  4. Pull the next string through the straw. Tie the ends to the knight.



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Enter to win STEM-themed prizes by sending us a photo of you doing one of these activities! Place the photo in the body of your email (no attachments) and send it to We’ll hold drawings at the end of the month!

Kid and Tween STEAM – Infinity Cubes

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Kid and Tween STEAM – Holoprojector

Kid and Tween STEAM HoloprojectorMake simple holographic screen projectors using transparency film and a phone, tablet, or laptop. Things you will need include: transparency film permanent marker scissors transparent tape phone/tablet/laptop Hologram videos

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Solve who broke into the Bears' house and ate their porridge by making this tasty DNA strand. There are four types of chemical bases in DNA. They always form the same pairs. Adenine (A) always pairs with Thymine (T), and Cytosine (C) always pairs with Guanine (G)...

Grab Lab – Hansel and Gretel’s Compass

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  UPDATE: These kits have all been taken, but you can still watch the instructional videos to follow along with your own supplies!In place of our in-person STEM activities, we are offering these grab labs for kids ages 6-11. There are 29 kits available, so be...

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